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Plant Listings

Below are some of the types of plants we sell here at Stanton Hall. Our full plant list will be online later in the season.


Grown mostly from seed sown from late January. Bedding out used to be the way gardens were able to give colour all the summer but now is mostly used as additional colour to compliment perennial borders. Annuals tend to be planted in pots, tubs and baskets to help give areas of garden summer focus.


Some are evergreen, herbaceous (die to below the soil level in the winter months). All usually have shorter flowering periods than that of annuals. We have lots of varieties grown for leaf colour as well as flower and more for decorative seed heads.


We stock a wide variety of herbs for customers who are now more imaginative with cooking and are interested in different flavours and tastes. An herb patch in a garden is always good for bees and butterflies. Most need good well-draining soil and sunny positioning to increase the oil content of leaves therefore intensifying the herb's favour in cooking.

Shrubs & Trees

We stock a small variety of shrubs all grown from seeds and cuttings, a lot of shrubs such as Rhododendron Skimmias magnolias need ericaceous soil. We stock a limited range of trees ornamental, fruit trees and bushes, of which like herb patches which are excellent for bees and butterflies.

Vegetable Plants

We started out as a market garden so vegetable plants are something we know about, we stock a large range of leaf vegetables great for the keen allotment owners or if you have a veg patch to fill. Even if you don't have much space we sell tomatoes for hanging baskets, vegetables perfect for pots & tubs; tomatoes, peppers courgettes, beans etc.

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