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'Maze' Garden

This is what used to be our veg patch! Located next to the main parking area the maze garden provides an alternative view of the southern side of the Hall. Not being an actual maze Chris and Claire's children used to call it a maze when they were little because of all the path ways hence the name.

The garden was laid out over 20 years ago and once matured was opened to the public in the last few years.

The garden is walled along the northern side with wide steps that lead down to a Yew arch. The garden is planted with a wide range of perennials such as campanulas and geraniums which have establised themselves well.

The was difficult to plant as it is in a frost pocket in the winter and does require re-planting after severe winters.

The garden contains a Gazebo set in a sunken area crafted from a reclaimed oak beam as the centeral column.

Also located in the maze garden is a walkway that leads to a small sunny seating area perfect for enjoying the summer days.

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